Friday, March 20, 2009

Four Years.

Four years ago this month I was in Ohio visiting family. Building a fort on my Grandma Arlene and Grandpa Jack's property with my brothers and cousins. I was 19 years old and 2 months away from getting married.
While I was there my mother in law to be got a much waited for call from CPS. They had a sibling group of 3 that needed a place to stay. They were legal in the parents still had some rights..but it wasn't likely they would keep those rights. The kids had been in and out of foster care all of their lives. Did my inlaws want to take them and foster to adopt?
Since I was in Ohio I did not get to go with them to meet the kids, but I went to walmart and bought them each a toy, and prayed.
When I got back I met 3 tough/scared looking kids. Like they were tough on the outside, but scared on the inside. They had been rejected so much in their lives. They couldn't get too close too fast to these people. I mean, who knows how long or short a time they would be at THIS place.
Over the last four years I have got to see my new little sisters and brother grow from those scared kids to maturing young ladies and man. It has been trying, full of love, full of tears and lots of battles. You would not believe the amazing Godly children they are becoming.
Since then we have added one more face to the family this past fall. A new sister whom we are getting to see new growth in, in the same ways.

I can't find a picture from those first couple of days, here is one from a couple months after we got them.

Last Month, right after S's adoption was final.

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