Thursday, March 5, 2009

Home on the Range

Here I am back at home in Texas. I went up to DFW to visit my mom on last Tuesday, who was coming down from Arkansas to visit Grandma Rose. Well I suppose I wasn't JUST going to visit mom, but she was my excuse for going.
I had a fun time hanging out with Mom and Grandma, and visiting my brother Chris' family. Oh and Sam and Dan, my little brothers that came with mom.
On Tuesday night my cousin went into labor and had a little girl early Friday morning. That was up in Oklahoma, so mom, the twins and I took off for Oklahoma to see my new little niece that my brother and his wife are adopting from our cousin. Her name is Nickole.
We stayed and visited for a while and then decided to head to Arkansas Friday night instead of staying in Bill's house all alone.
I didn't do much in Arkansas, just visited with dad and Ben in addition to mom and the twins. Wow, I got to see all of my family (parents and brothers) on this trip, that doesn't happen often anymore. Well I guess I didn't see Tommy until I got home.
This morning MJ was teaching Tyrel to be a bronc rider on his wooden horse. Keep that arm up cowboy.

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Sarah said...

He is such a cutie!