Saturday, March 21, 2009

Who Ever Said Potty Training Is Hard?

Tyrel has really taken to potty training. Only the third day into potty training and he has come to me several times to let me know he needs to potty! The first time was yesterday afternoon, it was a little late, as pee was running down his leg, but he had tried!
Then last night after we went home to go to bed, I put a diaper on him. Well we ended up watching a movie instead of going right to bed, and I left the diaper on him. TWICE he came and let me know he needed to potty, so I took him, and both times he went. I was VERY proud of him.
I still have to keep a timer and take him every so often, as he doesn't always come to me and let me know, but he is doing so much better than I had expected for only 3 days into this. He is such a big boy!

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