Monday, December 21, 2009

A Day With My Man.

On this past Wednesday, Kimber and I got to go to work with Daddy. I really miss getting to work with Stephen. Before Tyrel was born, I always worked with Stephen. Whether it was day working for a rancher or even once he started working for his brother and then starting their own business. Up until I had Tyrel I was climbing the side of that bull wagon in the picture, helping Stephen unload. Making men watching feel bad for a pregnant lady being up there, hanging on with one arm so she could use the other for the hot shot. And they would have taken my place if I'd let them, and occasionally I would. But it went faster if I did it. Not because I was better at it or anything. Stephen and I just work well together. We can usually get things done faster if we work together, than if we work with anyone else.

ANYWAYS. Just rambling, because, as much as I LOVE my kids. I do miss working with Stephen. A lot. So yes, Kimber and I went with Stephen. Unfortunatly there wasn't room for Tyrel. So he spent the day with Granola. I don't like leaving my babies behind.
We were taking a load of goats to the DFW area. Stephen picked us up at the county road, after he had already loaded. So even though I got to spend the day with him, I didn't really get to help.

"So this is what you do all day Papa." This was Kimber's first ride in Daddy's big truck. Tyrel and I went with Daddy all the time, from when he was a little younger than Kimber, up until I got pregnant with Kimber. Then we still went sometimes, just not as much. Can you tell I miss being with Stephen all the time? :) But getting to spend all day with our kids is worth it.

Once we got to where we were unloading, they had so many people helping unload that Stephen didn't even have to get in the trailer. And didn't need my help either. So Kimber and I watched and took pictures.

"Hey Sweetie, want me to climb up there for you?....didn't think so."

There was a beautiful sunset. But Kimber got hungry while I was taking pictures.
So I took some from inside the truck. Through the rearview mirror, while she ate. I'm multi talented like that.

On the way home, we met up with Stephen's aunt and uncle for supper, since we were going through the town they live near anyways. Hi Tic. Hi Dusty.

So yeah, that was fun huh?

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Jennifer said...

Looks like a fun day!