Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Camera is Working!

Okay, maybe I'm weird...but I prayed for it. Seriously. Not like on my knees begging God to fix my camera or anything. But after not touching it for a few months. I prayed for it today, picked it up, and it has worked fine since.
So I feel like posting most of the pictures I have taken since then so this will likely be long with lots of pictures. Unless I get tired of waiting for them to upload. Then there will just be a few. So we will see.

Above our door. You never know when some varmint might need taken care of...but I can't reach it without a chair! I can barely get his hat down.

My mom got me this magnet right before I had Kimber. It is pretty accurate! Hehe, I love you Stephen! (In case you didn't know, Stephen hauls livestock quite a bit, so he is usually filthy and stinkin. And certainly not rich.)

This is how Ty got to run home earlier...because he had peed his pants and I didn't bring extras. Don't worry, it isn't a long walk, and I don't think he even noticed. It was about 40* out.
Awww, pretty sleeping girl.

 "Oh look, there's Mama. Maybe she'll hold me."

"Oh nooooo, she has the camera out!"

"Mama, put down that camera and come hold me!"

Hey there handsome.

Sister and Brother (with spaghetti on his face again!)

Pretty Girl

Nap time

Even for big boys with spaghetti still on their face.

An accidental on purpose picture. Tyrel wanted to see me on the view finder. So while he was looking at me with it, I hit the picture take button.

In the mirror.


Julie said...

Hi :) lol im so funny.
Happy Birthday on YOUR birthday!!!

Jennifer said...

You take such good pictures! I'm so glad your camera started working. I can well understand how frustrating it is not to have one! I think I would go crazy. I've been having problems with mine, and it's not even a year old yet so I was pretty sick over it. Called Nikon yesterday, and he had me reset it. So far it seems to be doing much better!