Thursday, December 17, 2009

So Yesterday Was My Birthday.

I'm 24 now. Wow. I know that isn't old, but I can't believe I am already 24. Married. With 2 kids! is my 25 before 25 coming along? I still only have 24 on my list though...

1) Learn to quilt...Well, I've started one. About a year ago actually. And still have barely started. Really need to pick up the pace.

2) Be a good housekeeper . Better than I used to be, but not as good as I'd like

3) Learn to play the guitar . Started. Just haven't got far.
4) Grow my own garden . Failed this year. Maybe in 2010

5) Can things from my garden

6) Learn to "tan hides" .Did some last year.

7) Get good at sewing . Well I've been practicing. But I wouldn't say I'm "good" yet.

8) Get my CHL. Probably need to retake the class by now. I never got my stuff sent off. It got coffee spilled on it.

9) Quit being lazy . Work in progress

10) If I can't say something nice....don't say it. I do believe I am doing much better at this as well.

11) Get Trevor his antlers. Hopefully before the season is over

12) Learn to bow hunt

13) Run a trap line all winter . We did last year. It hasn't got cold enough this year.

14) Learn to cook healthy and GOOD food (like Julie) Doing better at this as complaints from husband or brother anyway.

15) Go fly fishing in the mountains (learn to fly fish also. haha)

16) Learn decent photography I work on this one all the time.

17) Send the book I wrote in 6th grade to a publisher

18) Learn carpentry (and make Stephen and I a bedframe) Well Stephen and Tommy made one for Tyrel, but I can't say I've learned any carpentry yet.

19) Learn to do a backbend/walkover

20) Learn to crochet or knit, maybe both. does the Knifty Knitter count?

21) Finish the crosstitch thing I started almost 3 years ago...Hmm, not sure where that is anymore.

22) Go to Alaska again...with Stephen and Ty and Kimber(and other chillin's we may have by then)

23) Move into a "real" house with our own property. (I am very thankful for what we have now, but hopefully by the time I am 25, we won't be here anymore) Don't think that will happen

24) Learn to clog...Started last January, but quit going in June when we didn't have enough vehicles to go around and so I couln't make it to town. I may start going again soon.


~Tammy~ said...

Maybe I should start me a list; "50 before 50"

But I'd have to include either really easy stuff, or things I've already done, cause, like, I have less than a year til then.
Or maybe just a "Bucket List".

Leah S said...

If you have any questions about quilting, I'll be more than happy to help you out Becky. :)

Sarah said...

Happy birthday! What a neat idea to do 25 by 25... but don't feel bad if they aren't perfect! At least you're making efforts! That's all that's important. :) That's such a cool idea. I might borrow it. I'm 28, but I could always do 30 by 30! :)

God bless your next year of life, your Christmas, and your new year!!!

Jennifer said...

How cool! Happy Birthday a day late! We're the same age, I turned 24 in Sept. I can't believe how old I'm getting!

Grandma Rose said...

oboy how about 70 before 70...think I may as well just give up on it and go for the 'bucket list' with Tammy!! Glad you had a good are doing great on your list. .... plus two beautiful chillin's.