Friday, December 18, 2009

What We Did Today

Well, first thing this morning my children and I headed to town. The above picture is technically from on the way home, but you can pretend that it is on the way to town. We went to produce. Not to produce anything but to pick up in fruit and vegetables. We have a produce co-op with some friend where we get produce for cheap. I forgot to take pictures there though. I had meant to. Anyways, we call it "going to produce". Wow, when you type produce several times it starts looking weird.
After produce we went to the grocery store with some friends to get some non perishable food items for something we are doing on Sunday. I had to take a picture of us taking up the whole isle. And that is not even all of us, Patty and I were not on the isle.

Hi Patty. Don't shoot me for this. :) Oh and Happy Birthday tomorrow!

On the way home I meandered down the backroads and took pictures. Mostly because Tyrel had fallen asleep and I wanted him to get at least an hour long nap. It is hard to get him in and in bed still asleep anymore.

I love the contrast of the green wheat next to the brown-gold of the whatever it is grass.

I love this creek. It is purty. Most of the "creeks" we cross around here are dry most of the time.

A field of pasture maggots. I mean sheep. Tommy's best friend EJ always called them pasture maggots and it amused me.

Some of my MIL's sheep between the second gate and home.

It is so pretty out today. The chillin's and I had to go sit on the porch and enjoy it. Tyrel is still playing in the yard as I type this, and I will probably go back out to enjoy the nice weather once I am finished posting this. Kimber says it was bright out there.

Because I am indecisive love all of them, I am posting 3 pictures of Ty. Even though they are nearly identical.

A little more of a smile there.

My little man. I can hardly believe how big he is getting. He is talking so well also. And is so helpful and polite. Unless he is busy shoving his cousin Kyle over, or taking toys away from kids at church.

My little lady and I.
I really do like Stephen and taking his picture. He just doesn't like me to, so I don't get many. I do have some to post of him later though. From when he and I went to Mansfield on my birthday with a load of goats.
I'll get around to posting part 4 of our love story eventually. :)


Patty said...

Becky I think that the middle picture of Ty is the BEST! and no im not gonna kill you for taking the picture i kinda figured you would put it on ur blog when you took it. :) no worries lol

AntfarmMom said...

I love all the pics! Nice skirt too.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Jennifer said...

Love all the pics! Your getting so good!