Friday, April 4, 2008


While I was at my brother's house a few weeks ago, I was going to go for a walk. So I put on the Ergo and got Tyrel, and started to go outside, then turned to come back and tell everyone I was going to go for a walk and see if anyone wanted to go with me. As I came around the corner into the living room, I swatted some of my hair on my neck that felt like a spider crawling around...only to find out it WAS a spider crawling around. Well, I started freaking out, screaming at my brothers to get Ty out of the Ergo while I danced around swatting myself to get the spider off. Well I swatted it down, to the floor I thought, but just in case not, I asked the boys to check Tyrel. They were making fun of me, saying Ty was fine, but then Ben looked down and the spider was on Ty's cheek. Chris saw it and started yelling "It's a brown recluse!" Ben swatted it off of Ty and Tommy stomped it into the ground, and I freaked out for the rest of the day. (helped along by my sweet brother putting a huge fake spider on the ergo where I would find it next time I went to put it on.)
Anyways, ever since then I always feel like I have spiders crawling on me, especially at night.
Well that won't change anytime soon, because this morning after dressing Tyrel, I was picking him up off the bed to set him on the floor, so I could make the bed, and a spider ran out from under my skirt, across the bed. I put Ty on the floor, took off my skirt and shook it, then hunted down the spider and killed it...No screaming or freaking out..on the outside anyways. But now I will have a really hard time sleeping. I'll just KNOW every little tickle is a spider crawling on me.
Stupid arachnids.


Regina said...

I tend not to freak out about bugs, but there's just something about spiders, especially over a certain size. I'm always afraid I'm going to walk into a spider web and get one on my face-that'd be the worst! So I'm with you on hating the arachnids.

Becky said...

Yeah, bugs don't bother me either..neither do snakes, just spiders.