Monday, April 14, 2008

My God Shall Supply All My Needs

Guys working hard

I have been repeating that to myself for the last few hours.

For those of you that don't know, part of the roof blew off of Stephen and I's house on Wednesday night. For pictures of the storm damage look here.. . Yard Mess

Anyways, I got home from visiting my family last night. I brought the older of my younger brothers back with me to help Stephen get the roof on. He was helped over the weekend by our friend Jake, Stephen's dad, and brother.

Anywho, the boys were up and working good this morning, getting a lot done. I went out to watch for awhile, and as I sat on the back of the truck watching them put tar paper or some such something on the roof, before the tin, a roll of the paper rolled off (not sure how, as the roof isn't very steep) the roof, bounced in the back of my MIL's truck, hit the back window and shattered it. Broken Window

I think we will just be handing our income tax return over to my FIL, between him getting the roof materials for us, bills, and now their truck window. Old roof, up close and in field

Anyways, I am just glad we will be GETTING the return so we will have the money to pay him.

Ben "ladder sliding", stepping down is much too slow

Thank You God.

~Becky A picture of Tommy I liked.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I like that picture too. Hope you guys are doing good. I am just glad that you weren't home. Was that part of the roof over the bedrooms?
Regina S.

Julie said...

I am glad that you got home safe, and weren't at the house when that happened.

Laurie said...

Wow! I always thought West Texas storms were wild. I'm so glad everyone is safe. It looks like you have great roof repairers.