Sunday, April 27, 2008


This is a true story, the names of the people have not been changed, the times are approximate....:D

2:10 AM: Becky wakes up. Lightning is flashing all around. No big deal, it's been like that all night.

2:15 AM: Becky wakes husband, asking him to cuddle as she hugs baby in front of her tighter, she just got scared, not sure why.

2:16 AM: Becky asks husband to pray..husband offers half hearted sleepy prayer.

2:17 AM: Becky starts praying hard....Then out loud...

2:18 AM: Becky sits up in bed commanding the storm in Jesus name, telling it that our home will stand firm....starts praying in tongues....Starts YELLING prayers at the storm while feeling the weirdest kind of scared she has ever wakes and looks around...doesn't cry.

2:19 AM: House starts shaking like it's going to come apart at the seams....Becky tells the storm..."Peace...BE STILL" about the time the roof is peeled from the home.

Torrential rain follows, but relative peace is now here. Becky and husband Stephen start getting dressed, the baby, Tyrel, watches without so much as a peep. They head to head of the house where the roof is still intact...just in case of hail.

They call the parents of Stephen, whom live next door, asking how they fared through the tornado...they didn't even realise.
Doug (the dad) comes to pick them up in the truck...they wade out to him through knee deep waters. Past the tin and other roof debris, past the extension cord hanging from the power lines that had been on the ground mere moments ago.

They go to the house,watch Star Trek, sleep, check damages the next morning and decide it must have been a funnel cloud, that never touched down.

And that was how our night went last night...Thank You Lord that we are all safe.

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sassy_seneca said...

I'm so glad you are all ok. I know how scary that is. I got caught in a tornado when Jade was 10 months old. We were driving home and it turned the car in circles twice and we were facing the opposite way and the rain was coming down sideways and I couldn't see. I just had to sit there until it passed and I climbed in the back seat with Jade and just prayed.
She slept through the whole thing.