Monday, April 21, 2008

Good Home Cooking

Well I feel like a lousy cook.

Today I mashed up some avocado for Tyrel. He made about the same face as Tommy did the first time he tried one. I did get several bites in him though.

Anywho, later on I was out in the yard planting some flowers, and looked over at Ty who was sitting on a blanket beside me...he had moved the blanket out of the way and was munching on handful after handful of dirt, like it was the next best thing to Mama's milk. Sure makes me feel good about my food preparation...he would rather eat dirt.


Julie said...

I think that just means that he is a boy:) You cooking is just fine.

Tommy said...

Yeah, I remember that. As you may recall I finished it.

Oh ,and I might have to try Texas dirt

Regina said...

Yeah, sand, dirt, rocks, bugs, they all taste better than the healthy stuff Mama works to make!

~Tammy~ said...

At least you didn't discover him sampling goat "raisins"!

sassy_seneca said...

At least he doesn't have a big sister that FEEDS him dirt. lol