Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I have been very convicted lately to dress more modestly. Not just dress, but BE modest, inside and out. I don't exactly dress immodestly, I'm sorta in a grey area. I don't think dressing modestly means you have to wear floor length dresses all the time, but it does mean not wearing tight fitting clothes such as my favorite jeans.
Now, my husband doesn't like me to wear baggy jeans, nor what he calls "mommy jeans" because they don't look good. He does however like me in a skirt or dress.
So I suppose I could save my favorite (and his) jeans for at home, and as we can afford, start making me some skirts.
The hard part for me is that I am a tomboy. It is not something I "do", it is who I am .
I keep thinking I have to be one or the other, but really, why? Why could I not be me and still dress femininely? Tomboyness is something my husband loves about me but he would also like me to start dressing more like a girl (I know because we've talked about it.) I can just save my jeans for when it's not practical to wear a skirt.

I have been reading blogs (see Maidens for Modesty to the side) about young girls who are already to the place I would like to be, and I know that is how I want my girls to be, but it has to start with my example.

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Anna Naomi said...

God bless you in your desire to dress modestly!

The dresses we're wearing in the picture use Simplicity pattern #5041, which we bought at Walmart.