Wednesday, June 25, 2008

11 Months

Wow, 11 months since you were born...that's almost a year.

You haven't really "gained" any skills since last time I've just gotten faster at everything you do. So I'll just post some stories of things you have done as of late.

The first thing coming to mind is the other day, we were coming back from Junction with Daddy, and you started crying. I was eating some Rits crackers, so I handed you one. Apparently that is NOT what you wanted. You grabbed it with both hands and pulled as hard as you could in opposite directions. When the cracker broke in half, you crumbled both handfuls and threw them down. It was pretty funny....but then you just got to cry...without a cracker, since it was obviously just a "Teresa fit". (Our new name for a hissy fit, because we don't know who Hissy is, but Teresa throws pretty good fits)

Also, not too long ago, while I was standing by the computer talking to Granola (Grandmother Nola) you coughed on me and little pieces of bug flew onto my had eaten the rest I guess. Yummy, taking after Uncle Daniel.
In addition to "mooing" you can now also "bah" or whatever sound sheep and goats make, and also say "ow"
As I type this you are crouching behind the wheat bucket and popping back up to play peekaboo with Teresa.
I cannot seem to think of anything else right now...there has to be are such a character.

Hopefully soon we will be taking you to see Cowgranny and Grumpa.

Wearing the "crown" Mark made you
Eating Corn Hey you got something on your nose Another swimming picture

No we weren't grumpy, just making faces to try and keep splashing water out or our faces.

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~Tammy~ said...

Happy 11 months, Ty'ger!
You are cute as a bug... maybe eating them is how you got that way.