Saturday, June 7, 2008

New Hobby

Stephen has a new (hopefully money making) hobby.

He has taken up welding. He has been making horseshoe decor. I get the first fruits of said decor, and we are going to try and sell some more of them. I think he is doing really well. I am going to try and make stuff to sell for extra cash-o-la as well. I will be making rag rugs, baby quilts, cloth diapers, and maybe some of my mom's taggy draggys.

So what do you think of Stephen's work?

Paper Towel Holder

Cowboy Hat Rack

Towel Rack


RZ said...

That is cool, how are you planning on selling the baby stuff? By the way have you read Nikkis blog, now must be the time for girls.

Julie said...

Hey, I looked at your store and saw the taggies, they are really cute. just so yu know I have seen some in Flannel and with more tags if you want to try that some time, since it is hotter it might sell better being lighter. I really like what you are doing .