Friday, June 13, 2008

More Ty Pictures

Aren't these some of the cutest 10 months old pictures you have EVER seen? I thought so too!


Becky said...

Nobody leaves comments on Tyrel, I guess he just isn't cute enough anymore :(

Whiney weeny weeny weeny

~Tammy~ said...

And maybe you expect instant gratification from people whose barely functioning computers go straight to "page not found" twenty times before it will pull up the comment page.
Besides, we see the cute pictures and oooohed and ahhed, even if we couldn't comment. And we want an in person sighting of the Ty'ger.
So there blah

Julie said...

I am back, I just love the picture of him in the swimming pool it is so cute.

Bethany said...

Hi Becky,

Thanks for your comment on my blog, your welcome to link to mine. :)

Ty is so cute, and I love the horse shoe welding your husband is doing, that's really neat!