Friday, June 20, 2008

Playing Outside

Here are some pictures of Tyrel playing outside today. He didn't like the grass on his bare legs too much. (Yes Mom I know, he has people legs not bear legs.) Stephen called him Jethro when he came home, cause he is wearing overalls and no shirt.
Keeping feets out of the grass

Sitting with Mama

climbing the stairs

stop to pet Comanche

headed for Tuck (he was trying to catch flies off the porch)


Julie said...

He is so big, I was gone for one week and he has already grown up.

Tommy said...

It's only been since the end of April since i've seen him. So what is he doing being so big?

Julie said...

By the way Becky I love the new things Stephen(see I know how to spell its Annie that has a problem) made for the Etsy store.

Danyel said...

Becky, you have a beautiful son. :) Good job.