Thursday, June 5, 2008

Interesting Coincidence

Before Stephen and I got married, we let ourselves be convinced that "you don't want children right off" and other mumbo jumbo. So I started taking birth control pills about 3 months before we got married. I dragged Stephen to the Dr. with me, and the guy asked us if we went to the local high school (we were high school age). We said no, we are homeschooled. He wasn't surprised because he said if we went to the high school, we would probably have been the only couple there not sexually active. He was SO surprised, which is sad.

I had never wanted to take any birth control, but wanted to obey my (to be) husband. Well after a year and a half, I still had a daily struggle with taking the pill. Yet I continued to take it religiously. I kept them and some water by the head board of the bed. Every morning I would take one of the evil little pills. One day we were leaving for work (I work with Stephen) and I told Stephen I needed to run back and take the pill, so while he went to start the pickup, I went back and got the pill for the day. I always kept water right there so I wouldn't forget. Well I had run out of water so I popped the pill out and headed for the front of the house for water. As I went out of our bedroom my hand bumped the doorframe and the pill fell behind my dresser. I said "Well God, that was pretty clear" and headed out the door. It had been EXTRA heavy on my heart as of late not to be taking the pill, so I took that as a sign from God, told Stephen and he agreed. I have never taken birth control since that day, and never will. Because of timing, if I wasn't pregnant with Tyrel at that point, I was soon after.

Fast forward to present day. I was in the bathroom this morning, brushing my teeth and looking into our bedroom so I could watch Tyrel. He has been bad about eating rocks and mud clumps that fall off of boots onto the floor. Well I saw him pick up a "rock" to eat. I had just swept, but he pulled it from under the wall. (Our carpet was pulled up a few months ago, so there is a space under the wall where the carpet used to be that tiny fingers can reach under.)
I took the rock from him as he tried to put it in his mouth. It was blue, so I looked closer.....a birth control pill. I had only ever dropped one. Right where he picked it up from. I don't know what it would do to a 10 month old baby, but I am so grateful we didn't find out.

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Derek said...

That's crazy! The baby that wouldn't have been picks up the pill that would have made it impossible for him to exist. Weird. Totally a God thing. I bet you couldn't imagine not having him now.