Friday, June 20, 2008

Etsy Store and Ramble.

Stephen and I have started a store on etsy. Go look at it...and buy stuff. :)

I can't sell my Taggy Draggy's on there or some company called Taggies will sue me.

Anybody want some Taggy's that I can't sell? I think the way I make them is different enough that if we went to court I COULD make them.....but it isn't worth it...and I think they know that, so they scare people off.

The link is


In other news.

I went with Crystal to her first Dr. appointment. Well Nurses appointment...she see's the Dr. next time.

Just in that trip I have decided if possible I will ALWAYS use a midwife. Not that anything was bad, except for the 6 viles of blood they took, I just think I would prefer the midwife. I get to go with her again next time I think, and she will be having her first sonogram...yay. I am hoping we will get to be friends during this pregnancy. Not that we don't like each other, we are both just shy, so we don't talk much.

My littlest brothers turned 12 on the 17th!

Happy Birthday Daniel and Samuel!

I will be going to visit them soon I hope. Then they need to come back with me since they haven't been to see me since last summer.


I have a whole bunch of pictures I have meant to post for months...I finally got all the pictures off of my camera, so in no particular order here are a bunch of pictures...some several months old...that's why Tyrel looks so little in them.

Tommy finishing off the leftovers

Stephen and Tuck

Stephen and our truck..(for mom)

Camo Tyrel

Tyrel and Stephen

Here, let me help you

A rare picture of Ben

Learning Early

sleepy time

Me and Tyrel

The End


~Tammy~ said...

Goody! Pictures! Excellent picture of Ben... I want copies! And HAHAHA Someone is sucking his cute little thumb!
Are you trying to scare someone away from Tommy by posting Jethro picture?
CUTEY CUTE baby being mad next to hims daddy.... I wanna hold the baby!

Julie said...

I love Ty in his little wranglers, that might be because I know where they came from also, :) I have always loved them though they are so cute. The baby wearing them is cute also.

Julie said...

I think the picture of Tommy finishing the leftovers is funny because my dad always does that. LOL!!