Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tyrel Fix

For those of you having Tyrel withdrawals.

Instead of waiting a few weeks for him to be 11 months, I will go ahead and tell you some things he has been learning lately.

He is just sooo close to walking. He lets go and stands, and reaches...but hasn't actually taken a step yet. He crawls like greased lightning. Though I'm not sure that lightning would crawl...or how you would grease it.

He has been imitating cows the last few days. The first time he did I thought he was making his rev up to whine noises, but he was perfectly happy. The cow would MOOO, and he would MMMM. Then he did it again last night at the cow sale, and this morning when the cows moo'd.

The other day while we were headed somewhere with a load he picked his blanket up off his lap and hid under it, then pulled it off and laughed, he did it several times, it was very cute.

Cool Dude Ty


Julie said...

Oh my goodness he looks grown up there, I can't believe how big he is getting.

Tommy said...

What? He can't almost be 11 months old. That's almost a year.

What next? Are you going to be posting tommrow saying he is turning 18?

Oh and when is the model #2 coming?

Julie said...

Hopefully soon, and hopefully it will be model #2 and #3 that is what I am hoping for, and I was having withdrawals especially since I will not be seeing him on Sunday.